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Scout Beetle

Scout Beetle


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Product Information

Brand: Robotime
Assembly time: about 4 hours.
Recommend age: 14+, children under the age of 14 can complete the assembly accompanied by their parents.
Weight: 650g;
Assembly Size: 100*195*95mm
Package size: 274*188*75mm
Pieces: 147
Difficulty Level: ★★★


1. This “Scout Beetle” is assembled by the card tenon, the overall appearance of the preferred low-pressure cold spraying process, the body wall, and front fins in red (a bit like a seven-star ladybug), and looks hard texture.

2. Metal etched membrane fins can simulate the flight of overclocked strong vibration, the feeling seems to be a living gorgeous punk beetle. The product has a strong cyberpunk feel and is both technological and fun.

3. Beetle body has a complex internal gear structure and the micro-planetary wheel structure engine can make the gear drive stable operation. In addition, the body is also equipped with an LED light source module, convenient to play at night.

4. Added a nuclear reactor core, emergency vortex acceleration port, active phased array radar, dynamic and static pressure instrumentation, and other mechanical elements, which makes the whole work of mechanical wind instantly become more intense.


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